We’re based in Birmingham which means when you join us we won’t be a faceless francise. You will be part of a city wide team who will always be there to answer any questions and help in times where you may need it most.

We offer a no contract franchise to most exsisting ADIs as we believe we don’t need to tie you into long contracts as we have full faith in the service we provide to our instructors. We charge students good prices which in turn means our full time instructors earn good money. We do our best to fill your diary and keep you busy, we are confident in our growing company and sure you will love being part out our story!

If you’re interested in joining A Driving Lesson give us a call on 0121 733 7772.

All enquiries will be treated in accordance with data protection regulations. So no need to worry if you’re already with a driving school, your enquiry will be treated eith the strictest confidence.